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New Zealand Herald: Inviol raises millions for tech that spots workplace dangers

As the founder of inviol, I'm excited to share our journey in revolutionising workplace safety through AI technology. Chris Keall, Business and Technology journalist for The New Zealand Herald, has shined a spotlight on the beginning of inviols journey and where we plan on going.

Our recent achievement of raising $2.5 million in seed funding is a testament to the faith and support of our community, including significant customers like Woolworths, Placemakers, and Vulcan Steel. Reflecting on this milestone, I believe it's essential to say, “We’re going to scale the business,” highlighting our commitment to expanding inviol's impact and reach.

My path to founding inviol began with an adventurous venture in 2018 - MAUI63, where we use AI to track endangered dolphins. This experience was not just about technology but understanding how AI can be a force for good. At inviol, we've carried over the principle of 'using computers to see', but this time, it’s for identifying and reducing workplace risks. "Behind the scenes, the system is using deep-learning algorithms to understand what things are, and what’s going on," – this is the core of our mission at inviol, using advanced technology to make workplaces safer.

In this article, I invite you to join me on inviol's journey. From its inception in the IT division of Vulcan Steel to becoming a trailblazer in AI-driven safety tech, discover how a blend of entrepreneurial spirit, community backing, and cutting-edge technology is setting a new standard in occupational health and safety.

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