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Caffeine weekly digest: Stuff

We've been lucky enough to get featured in Caffeines weekly digest, hosted by Stuff. To read the full article that features us other great New Zealand startups, click here.

Below is what they had to say:

Van der Boon's background in computer vision, honed through projects like MAUI63, led to the creation of Inviol. The project used an AI-powered tracking drone to autonomously find, follow and identify Māui and Hector’s dolphins.

The new startup's system uses AI-powered tracking devices to monitor activities in workplaces, such as loading and unloading in trucks and warehouse operations.

With successful trials and satisfied customers reporting significant risk reduction, Inviol is poised for rapid expansion. A recent seed round of funding, led by experienced software executives, provides the resources for scaling operations and targeting international markets.

Van der Boon highlights the importance of AI in Inviol's operations, emphasising its role in enabling computers to "see" and make informed decisions. The company prioritises AI literacy among its team, fostering a culture of curiosity and knowledge sharing.

While managing privacy concerns and navigating evolving legislation, Inviol remains focused on leveraging AI advancements, particularly in Edge AI, to deliver real-time insights and personalised user experiences. Van der Boon sees AI as a game-changer for startups, offering opportunities for innovation and efficiency in a competitive landscape.

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